Conferencia Redefiniendo la Sociología Política

The  International Conference on 'Redefining Political Sociology' will be held in Santiago de Chile on 11-13 December 2017. The Conference will be based at the Andrés Bello University of Santiago, in collaboration with the Committee on Political Sociology (CPS).
Several leading scholars in the field of Political Sociology from different continents will be gathering to discuss the state of the discipline and its different aspects as well as to advance our knowledge of various disciplinary sub-fields. Topics include political elites, gender and politics, social movements, democracy and citizenship, organised crime, and local politics and civil society.
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. Similtaneous translations in English and Spanish will be provided to both presenters and registered attendees.

Here, you can see instead the poster presentation of the event.
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- English version of the programme
- Spanish version of the programme