Dear Member of the Research Committee on Political Sociology (IPSA RC06/ISA RC18),

the electoral phase to renew the CPS Executive Board for the period 2018-2022 has been closed and the final results are now available. Below, you may find the list of names and the total of valid votes obtained. More details can be read in the final electoral report.

1.   MOREL Laurence 42
3.   FISHMAN Robert M. 38
4.   ALENDA Stéphanie 34
5.   SUAREZ-CAO Julieta 31
6.   TAKEDA Hiroko 31
7.   VERCESI Michelangelo 29
8.   SLATER Dan 28
9.   STEGER Manfred B. 26
10. JANSEN Giedo 24
11. KASI Eswarappa 24
12. ESCOFFIER Simón M. 20

The election of the new CPS Chair will take place in September 2018. The CPS will keep all members posted.