CPS will be present at the next American Political Science Association (APSA) Conference in Philadelphia, 1-4 September 2016. CPS will promote a panel on 'Migrants' Representation. The Role of Parties, Electoral Systems and Mobilization' (chair: Luis Ramiro; discussant: Silvia Erzeel).

Abstract: This panel examines the drivers of migrant’s political representation in Europe from a Political Sociology perspective. With novel data on all national MPs coming from the Pathways project (http://www.pathways.eu/) for eight European countries – Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom – for the period since the early 1990s, the four papers examine how political parties, electoral systems and mobilization from various groups shape the levels of political representation gained by citizens of immigrant origin (CIOs) – migrants and their descendants – across Europe.

You can access further information on paper givers and paper abstracts here.