The Summer School’s dense course program comprises one week of teaching, with around 35 hours of class contact. Participants will attend staff lectures and discussions, but will also get the opportunity to present and to discuss their own research projects in class. For that purpose, they are required to submit a 7000-8000 word paper in preparation for the Summer School. Moreover, the Summer School provides the participating PhD students with the opportunity to build up professional networks with professors and young researchers in their field.

Classes will be taught by an international team of renowned scholars specialized in comparative politics, political parties, and democratic performance. Teaching staff includes Daniele Caramani (University of Zürich), David M. Farrell (University College Dublin), Emilie van Haute (Université libre de Bruxelles), Ezolt Enyedi (European University, Budapest), , Kris Deschouwer (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Hans Keman (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Richard Luther (Keele University), Thomas Poguntke (University of Düsseldorf), and Susan Scarrow (University of Houston).

ECPR provides two travel fellowships for PhD students from ECPR member institutions. Applications should be directed to the Summer School organizers.

Further information on the 2015 Summer School is available on the CSD’s web page under:

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